Downtown Perth Ontario.

Perth Ontario, less than an hour's drive from Kingston or Ottawa, is the tourist hub for Eastern Ontario.

Rich in history, architecture, culture and nature, Perth maintains the old world charm of a heritage town while offering all the modern day conviences of a first-class tourist destination.

Nestled in a parkland setting along the Tay River, located on the Trans Canada highway (Hwy #7),  Perth is within easy commuting distance of Western Quebec, Upper New York State, and all of Eastern Ontario.

If you live further away,  fly into convient Ottawa International Airport, rent a car, and within the hour you are checking into your choice of hotels, motels, or bed & breakfasts in Perth.

Stewart Park in Perth Ontario.

History records Perth Ontario as a unique military settlement named after the town of Perth in Scotland. After the War of 1812, Perth was established in the spring of 1816 as part of a stragetic defense plan against invasion from the south.  By the fall of 1816 over 1500 men, women and children occupied the scenic one square mile village of Perth.

Perth: Hwy 7 looking West.

Today Perth is a modern community with old-world charm - a living mosaic of life in rural Ontario during the 1800's.

There is a great wealth of Canadian history, architecture, and culture to be found in Perth.  The streets are lined with heritage homes and shops nestled in a picturesque setting along the Tay River.

Things to do.
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Get in touch with a big piece of Canadian history.

Whether single, a couple, family, youth or adult, a memorable vacation awaits each and everyone.

Discover the legacy left behind by those who settled Eastern Ontario.

Perth truly is a historical momument to be seen in all its beauty.

Come explore, discover, and experience all that Beautiful Perth has to offer.

Springtime in Beautiful Perth.Butterfly.

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